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Chicago Blower Argentina is a company specialized in selecting, designing and manufacturing centrifugal and axial fans.

Our company was created as a result of an alliance formed with Chicago Blower Corporation, the leading company in the industrial fans market. Currently, we hold an exclusive license for the region covering Argentina and its neighboring countries, except Brazil.

On the other hand, together with our partner ETM S.A., we complement our line of products with other licenses from worldwide renowned companies such as COLT INTERNATIONAL and SEAT Ventilation.

In order to keep in line with the improvements introduced by its licensors, Chicago Blower Argentina makes investments aimed at continuously updating the technology, machinery and human resources.

Chicago Blower Argentina has a more than 2,800 m2 plant engaged in the production and commercialization of industrial fans for the local and international market.



Chicago Blower Argentina intends to develop tailor-made designs for each of our clients. In order to reach that goal, our staff of specially trained engineers is highly qualified to evaluate specific needs and find dependable and successful solutions.


We use the latest technology available in the field of industrial fans. We can access to each new development created by our licensors by means of an on-line updating system. In this way, we guarantee that the products we offer are developed using a technology that is supported worldwide.

Chicago Blower Argentina has committed itself to creating a strong, stable and responsible relationship with its clients, suppliers and employees.
Likewise, we are a company with a deep sense of commitment to the environment issues and the society it belongs to.

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